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Huzzah! A reason to update this abandoned blog. Work gets the best of me. I even abandoned anime for two seasons since I was kinda busy too with work and the book club. I work until 5 p.m, I get so tired and what I can do is lazing around with my cats beside me, then I kept buying books but my friends in book club also lent me their books, not to mention I still go to comic rental, then there are good TV series.... many things to do, so little time. Do I have too many hobbies?

Anyway, what's this about?

I have too many unwatched films and anime on my external hard-disk. In 2013, of four months jobless, I couldn't even watch any film with Benedict Cumberbatch I had collected when I was still in Bintaro. There are anime since winter 2011 I never watch too. This disgusting hoarding must be stopped. So I made personal challenge in 2014: I will watch and review 50 film in 2013. I am known for my short attention, sitting still and watching 2-hour film at home is a battle of will for me, so 50 is many!

I don't want to be alone and I somehow asked Indah out of blue to "initiate" this. I thought she wouldn't respond to it and I had to this alone, but look at the banner above and I, unbelievably, just read it today. I am sorry buddy ;_;

List of I-have-to-watch-this:

4. War Horse 
7. Four Lions 
9. Wild Target
10. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Find any similarity? :v

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