Thursday, 15 August 2013

30 Day Manga Challenge: Day 7 - A manga you disliked enough to stop reading


I have been reading manga since I was 10. Sure it was late, but hey, I couldn't even buy my own manga until I was 15. It is hard to have expensive hobby, y'know. And I read a lot of manga, from shoujo to seinen, I lost count of how many manga I dislike enough to stop reading.

I mostly borrow manga I read from Asri (a library) or friends so it is not a big deal if I hate it and then stop reading. But I have two mangas which I bought two years ago and just plainly dislike it. This one, from 3L publisher, I don't know if they are legal or not now in Indonesia, I always think they are illegal publisher, but then I bought this in Gramedia, super big bookstore in Indonesia.

Boys are silly, sex-hungry, and naughty. This book studies boys, living creatures totally different from girls, in detail, to answer questions about boys and their behaviors.

I thought it'd be friendship-slash-bromance kind of manga. It's just not my cup of tea /weeps

I learned the hard way, I bought it when I was just a poor college student, never bought anything from 3L never judge manga by its cover!

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