Saturday, 1 June 2013

30 Day Manga Challenge: Day 02 - Your favorite manga(s)

It's hard to choose one manga I really love because I read too many mangas. I pick the on-going ones~

- Otoyomegatari (Indonesian Edition: The Bride's Stories): Take traditional marriage aside, it's beautifully drawn, very detailed and the stories themselves can make me melt
- Saiyuki: Well, I have been a fan of Sun Go Kong since I was just a little kid. Besides, Minekura made them very beautiful \(//∇//)\
- Genshiken: Just too damn funny. I wouldn't call my self otaku or fujoshi, but still....
- Wild Adapter: Minekura-sensei's manga again, can't help it, as slow placed as it is, Wild Adapter hits right here *point my kokoro*
- Naruto: Oh's one of three first fandoms (Saiyuki, Gundam Wings, Naruto) I've been stuck with since forever. I am just that loyal (╯_╰)

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