Thursday, 19 September 2013

30 Day Manga Challenge: Day 9 - Your Favorite Science-Fiction Manga

sucky upside-down pic that makes me dizzy

Talking about sci-fi, my brain will always lead me to Gundam Wing, but then I have never read any good Gundam Wing manga. I have been obsessed with GW since I was 10 and I knew sister Hilde and Father Maxwell from fics I read, crazy yeah? Not much of devoted I am, I don't even have gundam or whatever (but I promise someday I'll own a Deatscythe model kit), I just read a lot of gundam wing fanfictions. Just like the time when I was so obsessed with Draco Malfoy Harry Potter because I read its fanfiction, pffft. Even now I am not interested yet to read prequel manga of Gundam Wing. And so, my choice for day 9 is 7 Seeds by Tamura Yumi. 

It was hard to start reading this, really. I always see the artwork first in reading manga and 7 seed's artwork is unappealling. At first. It's then acceptable as I found the story was quite mindblowing and mesmerizing and heart-wrenching. Story about survival is always sad, most of the time.

Kak Shinta had to convince me, even when she knew I hated this kind of shoujo-ish artwork, that 7 seeds is worth my time. I needed like forever to finally read this, and when I got totally hooked, I needed only few days to finish 19 volumes of 7 seeds, that's when a manga is freaking good you just can't stop :3 

Artwork aside, the plot is amazing, the universe Tamura Yumi created in this manga is scary but mesmerizing, and the dynamic relationship among characters is well written. Too bad it's not completed yet. I have to make my brain think that this manga does not exist. Waiting for the next volume to finally get published here is a pain. 

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